Andy’s Apple Farm Game Online Free

Andy’s Apple Farm starts as an average quest. You return home and discover that your friends stole your keys, and you need to complete their tasks to return them. But strange things start to happen already at the first quest.

The tasks they prepared for you are simple and interesting. You need to catch some fish, dance and harvest delicious vegetables with your friends to get your keys back. Every personage is waiting for you on a certain spot on the map. But when you refuse to complete their tasks, they become mad, the picture changes, and you can see frightening screamers.

The same thing happens when you reach certain moments in every task. For example, when you are catching fish with your friend, you will see the small boy at the bottom of the river after you get your third prey. The strange videos and audios about the average family begin to show up, and you don’t understand how they are connected to your friends. That’s why you decide to get to the end and discover it! Visit the hidden locations.

For this purpose, you need to find the secret way in the forest and go behind the screen. Sometimes you can hear strange noises and terrifying dialogues. Pay attention to them to understand the plot that developers created for you. And remember that all answers are waiting for you in the barn. But you won’t get there without completing all the quests with other characters.

Can you help this family, or is this just a terrifying story? Let’s find out!