Mr. Hopps Playhouse 3 Game Online Free

This game gained its fanbase quickly, so developers decided not to stop on two parts. Especially since the story has a huge number of interesting quests and new personages, and the fans didn’t receive the ending they wanted.

Here you will solve various interesting jigsaws and explore the huge dark building of the shelter for children. The main hero – a small girl who lives in this shelter needs to save her friends from the dark nightmares. Turns out, they were peacefully living in this place, when suddenly one night her friends disappeared.

She immediately decided to find them, and to complete this important mission, she needs to beat the main antagonist. But she can’t do it alone, so you are going to help her reach the end and become a winner in this long fight. During the whole process she will meet various frightening monsters and ghosts, so you need to learn how to hide and avoid dangers.

And the ladies who take care of all the children are also a problem. They are wandering around the building at night, searching for kids who aren’t sleeping to put them back in their beds. To hide from them, you need to use different places, like wardrobes, rooms and boxes. The same goes for all the monsters living in this shelter. Solve different jigsaws and riddles, because the building is full of them. They will lead you to the final and help you return your friends.

Feel this thrilling atmosphere again here and complete your mission. Good luck!