Anemoiapolis Game Online Free

A solo adventure in which you are in a strange underground area. It’s pretty empty in here. Nobody can be found on the streets.

This is due to the fact that the developer decided to transfer the realities associated with the current problems in the world, and there are also moments from his past connected with desertion. In the process, you are going to visit various shops, schools, malls, basements and other.

It is possible for you to look for a bunch of resources there. There are also many mysteries and puzzles for you to solve. In addition, you will also have to descend into the catacombs and even other abandoned buildings.By the way, the visual aspect is very good and it allows you to fully immerse yourself in this atmosphere.

The locations are worked out, they have a large number of objects with which you are able to interact. So be careful when you pass through different places. Because it is available for you to search for something interesting there.