Poppy Playtime 4 Game Online Free

After a terrifying accident that happened in the popular toy factory, you decided to hold your own investigation to find out why your colleagues disappeared. You came here today to explore this building and get all the answers. But was that the right choice?

This huge dark building is full of broken toys and mechanisms. And you need to discover what happened to the workers of this factory in these conditions. You walk around all these mountains of rubbish, watch cassettes about the factory and search for the clues that can help you.

But everything becomes more difficult when you realize that some toys are alive and don’t want new friends. They chase you trying to catch and scaring you every time you see them. And the first scary toy that you meet is a blue doll with long legs and arms and a creepy smile.

It can reach you in every place, including the vent and shelters. You have only one tool that can help you in your mission – the additional pair of long hands that reach necessary items and buttons. You receive them in the beginning, but need to collect the additional parts later. With its help you are able to open doors, grab items you need and solve riddles. Complete interesting quests to unlock new rooms in this building, search for hints and beware the frightening dolls walking around.

Test this thrilling game on this site and reach the final. Only you can solve this case and reveal the truth that is hiding behind this accident. Good luck!