Slendrina Game Online Free

Fans of the original series loved this small ghost so much that she received her own story. She is now the main antagonist who locked you in this huge building alone. And today you will try to survive and find all the answers you came for.

Despite Slendrina being a small girl, she will cause you huge problems. She has black hair that covers her face and wears a long white dress that is fully covered with blood. This bright color helps you to notice her in every part of this dark building.

Don’t think that this will save you, because she can appear right near you in seconds, and if you look into her eyes, you lose. You have only one salvation – to turn around the moment you see her and run. To escape this terrifying building, you need to complete all the exciting quests developers prepared for you.

Search for the useful items and think about the places where you can apply them to unlock all doors. You will totally need a flashlight to walk these dark halls, so first, search for this item. To open necessary draws and doors you need a key or code that you are able to find in this location.

And sometimes you need to use your creativity to combine two different objects to receive necessary results and complete quests. Remember that the main door is your aim, so do everything to unlock it and escape this house.

Press the start button right now and help your poor chara