Mr. Hopps Playhouse 2 Game Online Free

The frightening game about the strange shelter for children is returning together with all the terrifying antagonists and our main hero. And in this new part you will explore more rooms, complete more exciting quests and experience the real fear!

You become a little child who is living in the shelter with other kids and kind ladies who take care of all the children here. But one night you discover that your friends are missing. Turns out the frightening dark creatures are living in your shelter.

So you are going to find out what they did to the poor kids, and why they are living in this place. To survive and get to the end, you need to complete different exciting quests and search for necessary items, locations and characters. For this purpose you need to explore the spacious location with lots of secret rooms, doors and boxes.

Hide from terrifying monsters and the main antagonist. Pay attention and avoid meeting him and other angry personages. This way you can quickly solve all the mysteries and get to the final. You will solve interesting riddles and exciting jigsaws, so show your intelligence! Here you also need your stealth skills. Hide from ladies that are wandering around the building at night and horrifying monsters searching for other children using different boxes, doors and wardrobes.

Press the start button and immerse into this thrilling atmosphere. And scary sound effects and dark halls and rooms will help you!