FNAF Final Purgatory Game Online Free

Find yourself in a popular pizzeria with animatronics. During the daytime, they are designed to entertain visitors and their children. But when night falls on the city, they wake up and start moving around the building looking for you.

You work as a security guard who must hold out here until the opening. So, avoid encountering robotic toys that will try to get into your office. Interact with everything so they have no chance to be too close to you.

One of the simplest solutions would be to just lock the doors and sit and wait for sunrise. But, unfortunately, this cannot be done, since you have a limited supply of electricity. So use it wisely, because if it ends, then the main of the three antagonists are going to come for you.

There are already quite a few parts in this series. Each of them is very fond of users, as new characters, a lot of objects and mechanics are added. By the way, the location is also changing. So, the process is always pretty interesting.