Granny Chapter 4 Game Online Free

If you think that the fact you escaped from this frightening building three times means that this scary story is over, you are totally wrong. Because the most dangerous adventure is only starting!

The house and its residents

The main hero of this game is an average guy who was walking in the forest searching for cool places to explore. Unfortunately, he discovered the wrong building. This massive mansion was standing in the middle of the forest surrounded by the deep moat and high walls.

It looked like a real abandoned castle, and our hero decided that it is a perfect place for his research. But the moment he stepped on the ground near the doors, he was trapped. Turns out this building is full of frightening monsters that were waiting for the uninvited guests like our guy. The main monster is Granny.

Despite this lady being old and almost blind, her excellent hearing will become your biggest problem. Every time you drop something or step on a creaky floor, she runs to this place to beat you. By wandering the house, you can easily meet her husband. He doesn’t have any superpowers, but his shotgun will convince you that he isn’t going to play with you.

Their granddaughter is also not an average human. This little ghost in white dress is flying around searching for you. And the second your eyes meet, you lose. How can you even escape in these conditions?

Complete quests!

You have two ways to escape – through the main door or by train. Both options are locked now, and you need to make everything to open these paths. The huge house is full of not only terrifying dark rooms, but useful tools that can help you escape. Collect screwdrivers, hammers and keys, combine items together and find the places to use them.

Open doors, vents and boxes to find something useful. And some items are locked in rooms with scary pets. To get quest objects, you need to outsmart these pets and steal the items from them. You need to run away from them in five days, or you will stay here forever. Every day ends when somebody catches you, so be careful and don’t let your guard down during the whole game.

Developers created several endings that you are able to get according to your actions during the walkthrough. And it can be a good final, and a very bad ending. Granny Chapter 4 is a new version of the popular series. You have full access to it on this site, so play it to discover whether you will be able to escape from this creepy family or not.