Granny 3 Game Online Free

Why can’t all brave adventurers sit at home? They always find the most frightening and dangerous enemies and try to survive. And here you will help one of these lucky guys escape from the terrifying old lady and her family.

Granny Chapter 3 is different from previous parts. First, they moved to a new mansion, and now the amount of dark and scary rooms has increased. The building has high walls, deep moat and a bunch of halls, floors and chambers.

The main hero came here by accident, and now he is trapped in this enormous house in the basement. And you will together search for useful clues, necessary items and complete quests to escape this building. If you have played other parts before, you already know what to do.

First, find the items you think will help you in the future, then, combine them if you need, and finally, apply in the right place. This way you will move closer to the exit and collect the necessary items that can help you unlock the main door. Some objects are guarded by the residents of this house, so you need to outsmart them. And be sure, these residents are the real problem in your mission!

During the game you meet various antagonists. The main villain – Granny is a creepy old lady in a bloody dress who is wandering around the building searching for you. She has perfect hearing, so every time you step on the creaky floorboard, she hears and rushes to your place. And if she finds you there, beware of her heavy hits!

Her husband is also a dangerous opponent. He doesn’t have good hearing, but he is pretty confident with the shotgun in his hands. The moment he sees you, you are in danger. They also took the horrifying black crow with them. And of course, their granddaughter came with them. She also doesn’t stand in one place, and tries to scare you.

So after you see her, turn around immediately, and run. You have only five days to complete all the quests you need and escape. Remember that every time they catch you, the new day starts, and your screen becomes covered in more blood.

So it’s better for you to finish everything before the fifth day. But it can be an impossible mission especially on the extreme level of difficulty. So play and get the happy ending!