Hello Neighbor 2022 Game Online Free

Meet Hello Neighbor 2022 – the new version of this fascinating series where your main enemy is the guy that lives near your house. Developers of this series added lots of new mechanics in the process, so you totally need to try them all.

In this part you will try to get to his attic avoiding meeting him. The main hero – a famous journalist – is investigating the disappearances of people in this area. And the investigation led him to the house of this creepy man. That’s why he decides to explore his house and find evidence.

But this man isn’t happy about the fact that a random guy is going to explore his home. So you need to do everything without him noticing. He is sitting on the couch at home, but he can quickly notice you and rush to your place. And he will even chase you through the whole neighborhood.

That’s why it is important to turn on your stealth mode and pass the whole quest without worrying him. Explore his huge house, the buildings around and the whole street. There you can find useful items like a rope, hammer, screwdriver and other tools.

Combine them and use them in the necessary places to complete the tasks. You will also receive items to protect yourself! Developers improved the artificial intelligence, so the walkthrough became more difficult and thrilling. He can even predict where you will go next and catch you in this place.

What is waiting for you there on the roof? Don’t let him catch you, get to the end of the quest and discover it!