Undertale Last Breath Game Online Free

Undertale Last Breath is the new part of the famous product about this dark world and the cool skeleton. But now the timeline is different, and you can see new heroes helping the main character and antagonists interrupting the walkthrough.

From the previous part you discovered the story. After a long war monsters were locked in the underworld by humans. And the only exit that was left is the hole in a mountain. Of course, the main hero fell into this hole and appeared in this dark world full of monsters.

During his journey, he meets different residents of this place, including one of the craziest monsters – a small skeleton. But in this version Sans isn’t alone. Gaster is helping this guy in every battle by increasing his stamina and health points. This unbreakable duo is going to battle together to get to the end and completely destroy you.

The whole battle consists of three episodes. Through all episodes you are going to fight with them using a small heart, avoiding all their destructive and unpredictable attacks. You will discover the story that this version is telling all fans, and participate in exciting fights.

The controls are simple, use your mouse and keyboard, and you will get to the finish. And the final depends on you. You can end everything in a good way by becoming his friend and letting him go after winning him, or let this world plunge into darkness.

What path are you going to choose? Either way, start and enjoy your pastime!