Mr.TomatoS Game Online Free

When you press the start button, you immediately see the big vegetable with eyes and mouth. This vegetable is starving. What can you do? Well, feed him, or he will be mad, and who knows what will happen to your character!

On the first level the task seems easy. You listen to him, find the right food and feed him. But the more levels you pass, the more difficult the game becomes. Soon you start receiving ingredients in the bags, the light turns off, and he starts asking to mix the food in the special blender.

Don’t think that this is an easy mission, because sometimes the ingredients you need to blend aren’t so obvious. To successfully complete these levels you need the special tools that you can purchase in the store. But you totally won’t receive enough money for every item in the shop.

So it’s time to test your luck. But what is so scary about the huge vegetable eating meals? Well, give him the wrong food ten times and watch! Developers also added different endings. The final you receive depends on how many wrong meals you fed this guy. If you successfully complete this mission without making mistakes, you receive a good ending.

But if you pick the wrong food, he will get mad at you, and nobody knows what he is planning to do. You also can destroy him completely using a knife that you are able to purchase in the store. Will you get to the final alive, or do yo