Broken Veil Game Online Free

Welcome to a small provincial Russian town. You control a little boy who is currently in search of his mother. To find her you need to help him. On your long journey, you have to solve many mysteries and also overcome many obstacles.

Because a very difficult and dangerous adventure awaits you. There are going to be a lot of unlit places here, so you don’t know exactly who is hiding in the dark.

You have some helpers along the way. Cats that live in the open spaces of the streets are able to get some items for you. To perform this, you have to use a laser pointer. So, be sure to thank them if they unlock some passage for you.

Worth noticing is the fact that the concept is quite unusual and interesting. There are different paraphernalia, which was relevant at that time. There are many photographs and thematic locations. Therefore, explore them carefully and look for Easter eggs. Also, this is still a beta, and the final official version will be released in the future.