Creepy Clowns in the Graveyard Game Online Free

The main character thought he was a very brave guy. He has a girlfriend who he really likes. She ignores him and thinks he is a coward. To justify this, he called her on a date to an unusual place.

As soon as they entered the cemetery, the boy thought that his beloved would get scared and run away. But it was completely different, she really liked his idea. They were walking through this sinister territory and found a gun.

Why do they need weapons, you might think! And then there are a lot of zombies who want to make you like themselves. To escape from them and protect the girl you need to kill them. Aim directly at the head of the monsters to go further!

In addition, there are also their helpers – spiders. They are also capable of many creepy things! Jump over them so as not to be tangled in the web. Each level is unique and more exciting than the previous one! Try to finish this walk safely and win a lady’s heart!