Mimicry Game Online Free

If you are a fan of the tense atmosphere, as well as the suspense that awaits you around the corner, then you have found what you need. Here you spawn in different locations with other players.

Your main task is not to be caught by a monster that hunts you. That is why you will have to team up with the others in order to be able to resist him.

You have voice chat there, so use it to coordinate with others. So, demonstrate teamwork skills and intuition to discover the traitor who lurks among you. Speaking of your enemy, you can mention that he has the ability to take the form of one of you. So keep an eye on whoever is acting suspicious enough and get rid of the betrayer.

In addition, there are quite a lot of settings that are available to users. It is possible for you to customize the character you control. What you may add many details of the appearance from the face to the clothes. So, create yourself exactly the way you would like yourself to be in such a terrible situation.