CASE: Animatronics Game Online Free

You are inside the police station. But something strange happens, as a result of which the lights in the building turn off. Now you are locked inside and cannot escape. And everything would be fine, but frightening metal steps are heard around the location. Now they are coming after you.

Those who follow you are animatronics. That’s why you also need to complete various tasks in the process in order to be out of here safe and sound. In addition, there are quite a lot of them, and only if they are fulfilled will you be able to leave this detective’s job.

As you move through the rooms, you are going to stumble upon these robotic toys. So, try to use all your stealth skills to avoid being caught by them. Otherwise, you’ll have to get your feet out of there.

Therefore, you can view the cameras on your tablet to understand where your enemies are at any given time and also illuminate dark places with a flashlight. Moreover, this way you can keep away from meeting them.