Escape The Scammer Game Online Free

This guy was walking and randomly ended up in a dysfunctional area. He knew that it was impossible to poke his nose here, but fate had its own plans. He wanted to get out of here, but there was another problem.

Suddenly, a strange man began to run after him. He realized that this was a robber, or even worse, a maniac. For this reason, he also began to pick up speed. You need to help him get to the finish line faster so that the character survives.

If you think this will be easy, you are wrong! Here on the way there will be various obstacles. For example, huge balls of chocolate color. They are not here to cheer you up, but to bring you down.

The player will have to deftly tap the screen to make the hero jump to the top. While he is in the air, he must collect coins. Your every wrong move will slow down the guy. This can give a huge chance to the pursuer and he will catch you. So be lightning fast and go to the next level!