MineWar Soldiers vs Zombies Game Online Free

This city was always in tranquility until recently. Recently, a huge number of monsters have appeared here. After their death, they mysteriously came to life. Now they are ready to destroy ordinary inhabitants.

Intervene in this matter and protect the people who believe in you! Here the player will have to assemble his own army. At the bottom are icons of warriors that you can choose from. Put them in a certain place to protect the town!

But you need to think twice to make any decision. Think of a strategy that will not let the terrible creatures break through the defense! Here you have to be very careful to reach the end of the level.

Laugh to place the military in important places! Don’t forget to collect coins and diamonds to increase your resistance! Watch as your characters engage in fierce battles! Take care of them and help in any way you can! You must be a great mentor to lead them to victory!