Gloom: Gargoyle Game Online Free

This trip will remain in your memory for a long time! Are you ready to visit mysterious places? This brave guy decided to visit the cemetery. He is a student of a magician and therefore has considerable knowledge in this topic.

Go to a location where fear creeps to the bone. This is the territory of the castle, where ceremonies used to be held. They were attended by hundreds of witches on the night Sabbath. Now they are no longer here, but something interesting remains.

They used different artifacts that have incredible power. Explore every corner to find them all! But be careful, there are a lot of guards here who are actually monsters! You have to be always on the alert, because the meeting with them may be the last.

Enter the battle with them to continue the journey! This is a fascinating process that takes you into an atmosphere of mystery! Use the Magic Spells that are in the panel below and reach your goal!