Granny Remake Game Online Free

If you love horror and everything connected with them, then welcome! Granny Remake has way too many creepy moments, so get ready for some stress. This is another story about a grandmother who went crazy.

She seems to be possessed by demons and you need to save yourself. She has locked you in her huge mansion, is there any chance to get out? Be careful and quiet so as not to catch the eye of this monster!

She has very good hearing and therefore the fans should not make too much noise. In this game you have to face your fears and conquer them! The huge territory will make you get into every corner and be surprised by what you see.

These will not be the most pleasant emotions that will be dreamed of at night. Collect items that are scattered on the way! Go into all the rooms and corridors to find it and confront the evil woman! Weapons should help to cope with this mission!