Granny Roblox Game Online Free

This frightening monster trapped many people in her dark and scary basement. And nobody knows what fate was waiting for them. But one thing you know for sure. You won’t let her reach you too!

Granny is an old lady that has a huge house, a family and pets. But the only thing that makes her different from other old women, is that she is a terrifying ghost that is wandering around the forest searching for new victims.

When you start to play, you appear in the basement in her house. After reading the note on the wall, you quickly understand that you need to escape, but the problem is her. She has perfect hearing.

Even if you drop objects on the other side of the house, she will immediately run to your place to catch you. So to survive till the end of the game, you need to be careful or learn how to hide. Later in the process you will also meet other horrifying residents of this house, and beware of them, because they all don’t like guests!

But how can you play? Search for useful items and apply them in the right places. For example, you need keys to unlock the door, different tools to get to the hidden place, a canister with gasoline to drive away in the car. Sometimes you need to combine the items you found, or use them together.

Explore the boxes and closets to discover necessary objects. Outsmart the residents of this house to get the items they guard. And do it quickly – on the fifth day your quest will be over. Remember that your main aim is the entrance door. But you can also escape using the car and other paths.

This way you can unlock all the good endings and watch different scenes. If you don’t succeed in your mission, you will receive the bad finals where Granny finally reaches you. Let’s see what final you will get! And don’t forget about the secret endings too! Look in all the rooms to find clues and unlock them all!