Huggy Wuggy Attack Game Online Free

Do you know the big blue monster? He lives in an abandoned factory and is thought to be a toy come to life. Its appearance is very intimidating, and the dimensions are very huge. He was tired of sitting in this building and he decided to go for a walk.

In this city, a real adventure awaits him, where nothing can stop him. Control him and help him run through the streets. But there are many traps that can get in the way.

They need to be boldly and deftly bypassed so as not to return to the beginning of the path. Pick up speed and watch the traffic carefully! As soon as you see some suspicious object, turn sharply to the left or right. This will help avoid unwanted collisions!

In addition, ordinary residents walk along the roads, who do not suspect anything. Start chasing them and eventually catch up. Try to scare them as much as possible, because the number of points depends on it. Become a monster for a couple of hours!