Nun Massacre Game Online Free

An interesting series that tells the story of a mad nun who follows you around abandoned building. The plot revolves around you as you eat to pick up your daughter. Unfortunately, the road is blocked due to the fact that a storm has come out of the blue.

Now you are heading towards the forest and soon approach to a place where the real horror will begin. You find yourself in a church in which you decided to temporarily hide. But, you end up in hell, because a woman starts to roam behind you, who wants your blood.

Now it is necessary for you to demonstrate all your stealth skills in order not to get caught by her. You have to put out of sight behind various objects. Be quiet so she doesn’t see you. In the process, you are going to need to perform many actions for the purpose of eventually reaching one of the endings.

There are a lot of outcomes of events, so they are all different from each other. That’s why you have a chance to learn about everything that is happening here.