Angry Granny Game Online Free

Usually Granny is a kind and generous old lady who loves every visitor and feeds them delicious cookies and warm milk. But this one is different. Not only does she hate uninvited people in her house, but is mad at everyone who passes by this terrifying building.

And you are one of the poor victims she caught and locked in her deep basement. Your main aim is to escape this basement and run away from this building. Because who knows what she is doing with people like you. So you need to quickly find necessary items and tools and use them to escape.

There are many locked doors on your way, including the main entrance. That’s why you need keys or special items to break the locks. Some of them are hidden in the dark rooms, while you need to make others by combining different objects you found. They are hidden in boxes, drivers and under the beds, so explore every room on your way.

For this purpose you should find the flashlight too. And keep in mind that you have five days until she finally reaches you and the game ends. But what dangers are waiting for you in this terrifying mansion?

Of course, the main antagonist – Granny won’t leave you alone. She is walking around the house searching for you. And every time you make a noise, she hears you. She has great hearing and can run pretty quickly. So if you drop your items on the floor, you need to hide in the nearest shelter, like under the bed or in the closet. And she is not alone.

She has two terrible pets that guard necessary quest items in their rooms, and a husband who interrupts your walkthrough with his shotgun. You are able to outsmart and beat the pets, but her husband won’t give up that easily. And that’s not the whole list of the members of this crazy family. But what happens when they reach you?

The current day ends, and you begin the new one from your basement. But this time your vision is worse, and you are slower. So it’s in your interests to complete all the quests in a couple of days. According to your actions you will receive one of different endings.

Developers added the good finals that you will get if you complete all quests and escape, and bad ones. And if you find all easter eggs, you will receive the secret endings too where everyone is happy. What else is this thrilling game hiding? Start right now and discover it on this site!