The Backrooms Game Online Free

Simulator of walking through huge empty rooms where there are no people at all. All this is accompanied by an endless noise that also drives you crazy.

The main thing is always to be on the alert otherwise you are going to be stuck here and will no longer be able to be out of this location. That’s why you need to keep moving around.

In total, on the territory of about six hundred million square meters. By the way, they are randomly divided into large spaces. So, with each launch, the level is not similar to the previous one. Also, this can be called an advantage, since every time you are interested due to the fact that you do not know what is around the next corner.

And most importantly, get your feet up if you hear something strange nearby. Because then something really terrible happen to you. So, while you wander around the building, it is possible for you to plunge into the real world of madness as well as yellow wallpaper and carpet that surrounds you from all sides.