Granny Game Play Online

When a terrifying old woman grabs you and throws you into her basement, all you can do is try to escape. That’s exactly what you need to do to complete this gripping game. But beware of the inhabitants of this dark and creepy house.

History of the main character


The developers have not shown us how the main character ended up in this forest at night, what he was doing here and why he did not take other people with him. At the beginning of the game, he’s walking among the bushes and trees deep in the thicket. The moon illuminates his path and he moves towards his goal. You wonder what could go wrong.

Everything! Suddenly a strange figure hits him with something heavy and our man loses consciousness. Unfortunately, he wakes up not in his cozy bed by the fireplace at home, but in a dark building in the middle of the woods. There is little furniture and when he looks at the door, he realizes it is locked and he is trapped in this horrible building.

The note on the tree gives him the information he needs. It turns out that the scary monster is trapping hapless passers-by and imprisoning them in his basement. And if these previous victims aren’t here, we can only guess what happened to them. Here you go.



As you can see, here you play the role of a person who is caught in this predicament. And you have to escape! You have only five days to escape the building, otherwise you will be caught by a scary ghost that nobody knows what will do to you. That’s why you need to quickly look for useful items to help you escape.

You have various ways to escape, but they are not available from the start. You can escape by using the main doors that are locked, a car with an empty tank in the garage or come up with other ways. This is done by completing tasks, finding the necessary items, combining them and using them in special places.

These actions will lead you to the last item that will allow you to escape. Look for various tools like screwdrivers, hammers, axes and other items like ropes and candles. But it won’t be that easy.

What dangers will you face?

She is the main antagonist in this horror movie. She goes around the house in a dirty dress looking for uninvited guests. Despite being nearly blind, she has excellent hearing. Every noise you make calls this terrifying monster to its source. It comes to the spot in seconds and you have no chance to escape.

So your goal is to complete the quest without missing things. Sometimes, to outsmart it, you have to raise a ruckus and rush in another direction. But what happens when she catches you? You take damage and a new day begins. And on the fifth day, the entire screen is covered in blood, interrupting your progress.

She also has pets, a huge black raven and a terrible spider, who keep the necessary items for the quest. Her angry husband is waiting for you in the farthest room.

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